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Two Secrets is a beautiful award-winning film (Best Short Film, Best Actress) officially selected for sixteen film festivals (Taos Shortz, Santa Fe, London). Two secrets tear 12-year-old Janey's life apart. One she's never told a soul. The other, her entire family's never told her. Tonight they crash.

And Janey's story continues. Now being made into a feature-length film. LIKE our Facebook page to see where Janey goes next.

About film

Two secrets tear her life apart.

Two Secrets is an award-winning beautiful film, playing to standing-room only crowds, breaking attendance records at festivals, and based on an inspiring true story that’s leaving audiences deeply touched.

Two secrets tear 12-year-old Janey's life apart. One she's never told a soul. The other, her entire family's never told her. Tonight they crash. A powerful coming-of-age film with a shocking ending that challenges each of us to become the real person we keep hidden inside.

Janey has a near storybook life, great friends, and extremely loving parents. But she couldn't feel more alone. It's 1999 and the world's a less open place. Since the age of eight, Janey's kept a secret so dark she feels no one can ever find out. At the same time, she's about to be blind-sided by a secret that will destroy everything she believes about her past.

What Janey doesn't know, is her parents have also been keeping a secret from her for her entire life. They know if Janey ever finds out, it will change her forever. But they also know, one day they'll have no choice. These two secrets will rip Janey's life apart. The courage and strength she summons to confront them is inspiring.

But the fact that this really happened makes it touch deeper. Based on a true story, and a pretty miraculous one at that. Janey is 28 today and been in the US media many times (Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, New York Daily News, Glamour magazine, National Public Radio) sharing her amazing story.

She's a very courageous and powerful woman, has already overcome more than most people do in their lifetimes, and this short film is the beginning of her story of transformation. Today she's a sponsored triathlete training to compete in the 2020 Olympics, a member of Siri Lindley's Team Sirius, and coached by world champion coach Rebekah Keat.




"I'll never forget the day I heard Ali's story. I was enrapt. I couldn't stop listening."


CHARLES DYE • Director/Co-writer

Charles Dye is an award-winning writer/director, and Grammy-winning, multi-platinum, mixer/producer whose work has sold over 90 million records worldwide. Dye mixed the #1 hit Livin' la Vida Loca for Ricky Martin, and has also worked with Jon Bon Jovi, Shakira, Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Lauryn Hill, Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra, and Gloria Estefan.

Dye is also a writer/director making films that truly connect with people and transform their lives forever. He studied screenwriting at UCLA and went on to write and direct Two Secrets. He believes this film can make a difference in the lives of the audience.


I'll never forget the day I heard Ali's story. We were both working for the same company, and it was one day late after work. For two hours she was sharing with me her amazing story. I was enrapt. I couldn't stop listening.

Our film is based on Ali's life when she was 12 years old. We call our character Janey. And just like all of us, Janey struggles with the conflict between how she believes others see her, and how she sees herself, but for Janey it's a very transformational time—her coming-of-age.

We take being ourselves for granted. Imagine if every day you had to pretend to be exactly the opposite of who you really are. Your life would be very different.

I believe film should make a difference in people's lives. I don't want to just entertain an audience, I want to transform their lives forever. And we hope to peel back at least a corner of that transformation with our short film Two Secrets. With the feature film story, that this is the beginning of, we hope to do that fully.

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London Lesbian Film Festival  April 28 - 30, 2017

Fort Myers Film Festival  Mar 8 - 12, 2017

WideScreen Film & Music Video Festival  Feb 18, 2017

California International Shorts Festival  Sep 17, 2016

California Independent Film Festival  Sep 8 - 14, 2016

Burbank International Film Festival  Sep 7 - 11, 2016

Colorado Independent Women of Film  June 3 - 4, 2016

AC Electric Film Shorts - Philippines  May 31, 2016

Twister Alley Film Festival  May 5 - 8, 2016

MiFo LGBT Film Festival - Miami  April 22 - May 1, 2016

Say It Loud Film Festival  April 16 - 18, 2016

Taos Shortz Film Fest  April 7 - 10, 2016

Trail Dance Film Festival  Jan 29 - 30, 2016

Santa Fe Film Festival  Dec 2 - 6, 2015

Louisville International Festival of Film  Oct 1 - 4, 2015

Moondance International Film Festival  Sep 7 - 8, 2015



CASSIDY MACK as Janey Duncan

Spending her early years in the Foster Care system, Cassidy joined her forever family by adoption at the age of six. A Hollywood up-and-comer, her credits include the feature films Zoey to the Max (Amy Smart), Chilly Christmas (Tom Arnold, C. Thomas Howell), and Bloodsucka Jones. Charity work is important to Cassidy, and she is the founder of Love Gives Chances, a non-profit foundation to empower foster youth.

KATIE BURGESS as Stephanie Roebuck

Katie started acting at age seven and booked her first commercial at nine years old. Her credits include the feature films The Lamp (Louis Gossett, Jr., Jason London), Object Eleven, and Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles.


Alexander Carpenter is from Louisville, Kentucky and Two Secrets is his first film.

TJ ZECCHINO as Tyler Alexander

TJ Zecchino was born on July 19, 2002 in Littleton, Colorado. He is an actor, known for Split Second and Excess Baggage.


Kristin was spotted on the streets of Soho by Annie Flanders, editor of Details magazine. She was introduced to Wilhelmina, signed, and in Paris doing runway shows two weeks later. For the next ten years, runway modeling was her day job, while she trained at the prestigious acting studios of the American Place Theatre in New York. She acted in All My Children, films, off-off Broadway plays, and commercials. After 18 years off to raise her musically talented son, Kristin has returned acting in plays, commercials, and numerous indie films, most notably The Inner RoomMind's Eye, and The Frame.

RJ WAGNER as Jeff Duncan

Born in Long Beach, California, to Richard E. Wagner, a machinist, and Barbara J. Wagner, RJ is the youngest of six children. He attended Loretto Heights College and received a BFA in Music Theatre. His debut film was Awesome Lotus in 1983. Since 2012, Wagner has jumped back into the industry and is enjoying a newfound love as an artist.


All crew photos: Richard Agudelo

Photo: Richard Agudelo

ALI DOLAN • Producer/Story Co-Writer

The two secrets at the center of our film changed Ali's life forever at the age of 12. Ali’s story has been featured on Anderson Cooper Live, Good Morning America, ABC-TV, New York Daily News, Glamour Magazine, and National Public Radio, among others. She is a sponsored triathlete training to compete in the 2020 Olympics, and a member of Siri Lindley's Team Sirius. And her world champion coach, Rebekah Keat, intends to lead Ali to her Olympic goals. Ali is also a motivational speaker, and the spokesperson for the not-for-profit, A Safe Haven for Newborns.

JAY RIGGS • Producer

Jay is the co-founder of iWear Solutions, a marketing and business solutions company working with the entertainment, sports, non-profit, and businesses and is the co-founder and CEO of Geared2Give, a crowd funding platform to revolutionize non-profit fund development. He's a philanthropist, singer/songwriter, producer, and the former Director of Operations for Fifty-Fifty Entertainment where he worked with multi-platinum, Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar-winning talent.

Photo: Richard Agudelo

MERYEM ERSOZProducer/Screenplay Co-Writer

Meryem is one of Colorado’s top feature film producers. Her credits include Dear Eleanor (Jessica Alba, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman), The Black Hole (Dean Cain, Malcolm McDowell, Natalie Distler), The Legacy of the Tengu (Louis Mandylor, James Lew), among others. Meryem comes to producing by way of cinematography. She’s shot for NOVA, Versus, Comcast Entertainment Channel, and has worked on national campaigns for major brands Conoco and Audi/Ducati.

SARAH BARTELSProducer/Casting Director

Sarah is the force behind our talented cast. She has made magic happen with the actors she's found for us. Sarah is a very talented voice actress who appears as the lead role in numerous telenovelas dubbed into English. Her voice can be heard as Dana in Where is Elisa?, Elena in Elena's Ghost, and Natalia in the world-famous telenovela The Clone. Sarah earned her B.A. in Theatre from Florida International University and is currently pursuing a career in Speech Language Pathology, while also working with children on the autism spectrum.

LAFFREY WITBRODDirector of Photography

Laffrey studied Cinematography at the Colorado Film School (CFS). While getting his B.F.A. in filmmaking, he studied lighting with Ric Waite ASC. Laffrey's recent projects include cinematography on feature films, work on the Jason Mraz music video 93 Million Miles, and ABC’s 20/20. He has shot in countries around the world and has experience on narrative films, documentaries, television, and music videos.

MICHEL F APRIL • Original Music/Composer

Michel is a talented composer, arranger, and producer who constantly seeks innovation, distinguishing himself by the human touch he brings to his work. He has produced and co-written twenty albums and composed the scores for more than twenty-five films and television series, scoring multiple projects for Pixar, Disney, Fox, Warner Bros, and Electronic Arts.

ADAM SNOW • Editor

Adam has over 10 years of experience as a senior editor based in the Greater Denver area. He studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder, receiving his B.F.A. in Film Studies. He is also co-owner of Paper Castle Studios LLC.


Marc is a 35 year veteran of color correction, working on over 200 feature films for Miramax, 20th Century-Fox, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, and Sony Pictures, and nearly 50 network TV series for Warner Bros., Fox, Disney/ABC, Sony Pictures, and Paramount. Marc's credits include: The Kids Are Alright, Lost, and That 70's Show. And the Blu-ray Discs of Cider House Rules, Die Hard, Dances with Wolves, Oliver Stone's Nixon, Star Wars (A New Hope), and Return of the Jedi.



Photos by Richard Agudelo


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